Sikawa Curling Classic 2019
Date: 7-10 March 2019

Men’s event:
Teams: 16
System of play: triple knockout (8 qualifiers), 4 games minimum
Prize Money: 4500 PLN (1st: 2000, 2nd: 1200, 3rd: 800, 4th: 500)
Entry fee: 900 PLN
First game: Thursday 16:30 or Thursday 21:30

Women’s event:
Teams: 8
System of play: modified triple knockout, 4 games minimum
Prize Money: 2500 PLN (winner: 1500 PLN, runner-up: 1000 PLN)
Entry fee: 800 PLN
First game: Thursday 19:00

Time limit is 90 minutes. When the clock runs down to zero time, the currently played end and one more end are completed. In case of a tie after end of regulation play, the tie must be broken by a draw to the button. The team closest to the button is awarded the win. If the rings are not reached by both initial throwers, then two other players shall throw next and so on, until the rings are reached and a winner is declared.
There will be a coin toss to determine the hammer in the first end, apart from the men’s play-offs, where the higher seeded team will have the hammer.
WCF-approved pads only

⏱ Registration deadline: 04 Jan 2019.
First 8 men’s teams and first 4 women’s teams to register will be accepted straight away. The rest of the spots will be announced immediately after the registration deadline.
System of play and prize money might be changed if less teams enter.